Xiaowei Lu

Producer | Dance teacher | Choreographer

My interest in dance started when I was 8 years old. I spent 4 years learning at the after school dance club, we call it the 'Children's Palace' in China. In 1998, I was luckily offered a place at the Hebei Vocational Arts College, I started my professional dance training ever since.


During the time, I learnt very specific dance styles which are Chinese Classical and Ethnics dance. After graduated in 2004, I decided to come to the UK and explore the world, it has been challenging but enjoyable.


Since 2011, I established my culture exchange company called Arts of China Ltd in Manchester. I have been teaching regular Chinese dance classes in Manchester and Leeds, as well as delivering workshops all around the UK.


I have always been challenging myself in different ways. In 2017, I encouraged my students to re-choreograph the very well know Chinese drama play “The Wilderness” written by Cao Yu. I was first time put myself into a role of producer. It was showcased at The Stoller Hall in Manchester. It was a surprised 'sold out' achievement. 


In 2019 again, I produced an even more challenging original dance production called "In Mist and Rain", worked with choreographer Yang Li from National Ballet of China and the principal dancer Yang Hu from China National Opera & Dance Drama Theatre, as well as 8 other awarded artists. The premiere was held at Manchester Central Exchange Auditorium, then a tour to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2019. It was absolutely a precious experience and brought me up to another stage of my journey.

2020 has been a difficult year for artists and everyone in the world. Instead of being anxious, I decided to go back to University to learn new knowledge and support my ambitions. I am now a MA student at the Arts and Media School of the University of Salford. 


My ambitions is discovering and developing collaborations between Chinese and Western culture through a variety of art forms. This website is set to record the process of my research and development journey, particularly reflecting to my study and practise at the University of Salford.



Thanks for visiting my site, feel free to get in touch.

University of Salford
Arts and Media School - MA Creative Dance Education

+44 (0)7565479823

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